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Today’s seniors grew up in a world very different from what it has become, but that doesn’t mean that they are all unable to grasp modern technology. Unfortunately, sometimes they still need some more help than their families can provide, given that they have any left. That is where assisted living comes in.

The problem is that assisted living has been associated with poor treatment for those in their care. It’s where the elderly goes to die alone without any of their loved ones caring about them. So, the first action is to ensure that families, and the senior citizens themselves, know that this one is going to be different. Keep reading for some effective ideas on assisted living marketing events.

Alcohol Tastings

Seniors are at the point where they have narrowed down their interests to very specific things and are often only inclined to explore new things within these niches. One of the best places to appeal to a whole slew of seniors is at a good social event with food or drink, and nothing screams refinement more than an alcohol tasting.

Join up with a local winery, brewery, or distillery and host an alcohol tasting which is sure to bring in a crowd. People now more than ever really want something social to do, and an alcohol tasting is a perfect place to do so. Specific tastings appeal to seniors who are refined, at least in spirit, and already has them open to trying new things.

Appeal to the Whole Family

Not every senior citizen is completely inept at making their own choices, but chances are that their families are trying hard to find a place where they can take their loved one and know that they will be taken care of when they are unable to. Perhaps they live too far away, have too many obligations, or have other reasons why they can’t be there for themselves. Caretaking is a very demanding position to be in, and everyone is looking for some help when trying to decide on assisted living.

Therefore, it is important to appeal to the whole family. Make sure that there are events that give peace of mind to their families, while also making it clear that they are welcome to visit in a fun way. A major fear is dying alone without anyone around someone cares for, so make sure that fear is alleviated. Additionally, people don’t want to visit if everything looks and feels stifling all the time, so making sure there are things to appeal to everyone throughout the process is crucial.

Here are some ideas to reach out to the entire family:

  • Have a booth at family fairs and festivals
  • Speak at churches
  • Host family fun events
  • Run a community garden

Giving something where people can get together with their loved ones both inside and outside of assisted living services and homes is a great way to show that families are welcome and that those in care are still having people around and things to do.

Art and Trade Shows

Like alcohol tastings, seniors know what they like and are more receptive to discovering new things if it is within their niche of interests. They’re also at the point where they have time to go visit art and trade shows, making those perfect locations to slip in a little bit of marketing for assisted living resources.

It also shows that they are welcome to keep up their interests while in care. Additionally, if it is hosted by the assisted living group itself, it shows them that their interests are also important to the company which gives them a little bit more leaning to them instead of a different one.

Get a Booth at Festivals and Fairs

If there is ever a place where people are going to be with their families having fun and being in a positive mindset, it’s at a festival or fair. It’s also the place where people expect to have constant booths advertising to them and getting to have a real person right there in front of them that they can talk to and ask questions. This is extremely appealing, especially to the elder generations.

It’s a prime example of going to the source and showing them that there are real people behind the company. They get to meet and experience some of them right there, getting a crucial first impression that will set them apart from any competitor that’s not doing it. The only important thing to remember is to not staff the booth entirely with people who they will never see again, as that will inevitably leave people feeling lied to in the long run.

Give Out Freebies

There is no better word out there to pique interest than free. If something can be given out free, do it. Have free events, free trials, free consultations, free gifts, or even free shipping on things they might need to order. People are naturally going to gravitate to the thing with the word “free” on it versus something with a bunch of additional costs. 

Not to mention, if giving out tangible objects at an event, it gives something for people to look back onto and helps plant the seeds firmly in their minds, which will in turn have them looking up that over any competitors as it’s one they’ve heard about and gotten something from.

Unlike some of the younger generations, many of the senior citizens of the time want to know what can be done for them, essentially to reward them for all their hard work up to this point in their lives. Therefore, a freebie is extremely appealing as it hands them something clear and direct, making it more about them and less about the thing it’s trying to advertise. Bonus points if it is actually something worthwhile and not just another pencil with a name and phone number on it.

Fundraisers and Donation Drives

Fundraisers and donation drives help kill multiple birds with one stone. It can either help get the assisted living company and those in their care some extra funds or supplies, or it can help prove that this company cares about its community by giving this to charities. It makes people feel like something they are doing is worthwhile, which is good for everyone involved. Plus, if anyone had to once use these services, they are extremely willing to give back any way that they can.

Here are some fundraiser and donation drive ideas:

  • Toys for children in need during the holidays
  • School supplies for families
  • Food for local food banks
  • Hygiene products are in demand everywhere
  • Bake sales tend to be a hit
  • Rummage sales clears out the old to make way for the new
  • Silent auctions can be really fun
  • Music/Art nights get a lot of people involved

The best part about this sort of thing is that it tells the target audience that the company behind these fundraisers have positive ideals. They want to help people and get people involved. It tells the community that they haven’t been forgotten and their work is appreciated. It also leaves positive memories of the business, which will in turn have people more inclined to do business with them, and that includes assisted living facilities and services.

Speak at Churches

If there is one place where there will be a lot of elderly people with time wanting to listen to people speak, it’s at a church. Quite a few churches, especially those that already have a heavy focus on helping their communities, are more than happy to work in a few minutes for someone to connect with those in their congregation if it’s for a good cause that lines up with their ideals.

Just be sure not to forget that there are more than one or two kinds of faith traditions. Go around to different denominations and paths, network with those in charge, and prove to the community that their spiritualism, whatever that may be, is accepted and valid. Many churches at least will allow a flier, some cards, or even packets of information to be put in their buildings which can help get the word out effectively as well.

Keep Information at Clinics

There is little more boring than waiting in a clinic. That’s why they often have tons of reading materials or things about the community laying around their offices. Therefore, it’s a good place to connect with to leave some materials with as that’s where people are going to have time and be bored enough to look at anything.

Additionally, if doctors are aware of a quality service that can help their patients, they are going to be willing to suggest it too. Therefore, making sure that the clinics are aware of the service is a golden opportunity to get that information out there in an accessible place where people are likely going to be talking about it anyway.

Make Sure Local Libraries are Aware

Libraries are staffed with information specialists and public service professionals. Not to mention, it’s the clear and obvious place to go when needing any sort of information. Therefore, it’s absolutely crucial to make sure that local libraries are made aware of the services being provided. They see plenty of people a day and are always there to help and benefit their communities.

Most libraries even have a place where community efforts and services, including assisted living, can be posted. They want to help get their communities where they need to go, so if they know about a quality service, they’re going to make sure the public is also made aware.

Cast a Wide Advertising Net

While it is a common assumption that senior citizens are not good with technology, that’s not always the case. Plenty of elderly folk are on the internet or have smart devices, though there is still a large population of them who are not. Making sure to have at least a small presence in a lot of places helps make sure that people can find the company easily.

Some places to consider advertising include:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Newspapers
  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Facebook
  • Websites

Typically, it’s best to pick one to focus hard on and focus less on the others. However, excluding the others is just going to exclude entire chunks of the populous, especially when it comes to the senior citizens of today. Radio ads reach more people than any other method, but a strong internet presence is also crucial both for those who use it and for their families doing additional research. Therefore, if unsure of where to start, go with those and build from there.


Assisted living is a scary conjunction of words that typically concerns senior citizens and their families alike. They don’t want to be just carted off away from everything and everyone they love, left to die alone where nobody will remember them. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to break down these preconceived notions with some good advertising. This will in turn help give a more positive outlook for the company and will set it apart from its competitors.

However, it’s also extremely important to actually care. Remember that these are people too with their own interests, hobbies, and fears. They aren’t just some statistic, a number, or a source of income. They don’t want to be treated as such, and any family probably doesn’t want that either. So, go to them where they are going to be already and prove to them that this assisted living facility or service is different from the others because it truly cares about its people and their communities.


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