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If you are in any service industry, then knowing the types of activities that interest your targeted audience is very important. In particular, the senior housing service industry has become a booming business. As such, it is especially important in being able to offer them those services and activities which they enjoy.

In the last couple of decades, the internet has become a great source of inspiration for many people. It is no different for seniors, but because of the differences between every generation, it can be hard to know what kinds of things they are looking for when they are surfing the internet. Read on to find out 9 of the most popular topics that seniors look for when they are online. 

What Do Seniors Look for Online?

According to Advisor Perspectives, the overarching theme to much of the google searching done by seniors has to do with retiring. While this probably is not surprising to most of us, what may be surprising is the number of different topics there are which are directly related to retirement. The topics are not limited to just retirement, either. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular searches.

Search Number One: Retirement Age

Because you are not able to receive social security benefits until you are fully retired, it makes sense that the age of retirement is a common search for seniors. They are looking forward to winding down but do want to make sure they will have the finances to be able to do so. The full age of retirement (or the age when you can start collecting social security) is 66 years and 4 months and is expected to increase to 67 years within the next several years. 

Early Retirement

While we are on the topic of the age of retirement, another popular search is early retirement. While technically, any time before 65 years (that’s when you can start receiving Medicare benefits) would fall under early retirement, the most common age for early retirement is 62 years for women and 64 years for men. 

Many seniors are interested in early retirement because they want to be young and active enough to do things like traveling or trying out new hobbies. 

Search Number Two: Retirement Planning

For seniors, another popular online search is retirement planning. If you are a senior looking into retirement, early or otherwise, it is important to plan for it and make sure you will have the means to live comfortably for the rest of your life. Some things that should be considered when planning retirement include:

  • Setting up a Roth IRA. Roth IRAs are only found in the United States and are specialized retirement accounts that are not taxed. 
  • 401Ks. These are specific accounts which an employer will put a certain amount of money in yearly, so that hypothetically by the time you retire, you will have a good sum of money to help you live comfortably. There is a limit to the amount that can be contributed to a 401K, so you should not rely solely on it for your retirement income. 
  • Investment strategies. This includes getting good advice about the best places to invest your money in where you will most likely receive more back than you put in.
  • Future expenses. If you are not going to have a steady income it is important to know what kind of expenses including groceries, living, and medical bills you will have in the future and how much that will add up to, so you have enough money to cover it all. 

Search Number Three: Retirement Gifts

As people get older, not only are they looking into retirement options and the best place to retire to, but their friends are too. It is a time of joy and celebration, and one of those special occasions that warrant a gift. This is why retirement gift ideas are one of the many common internet searches among seniors. 

The gifts for men and women tend to vary a little bit and retirement gifts for women are actually in their specific search category which tends to be searched more than retirement gifts for men. Many ideas for retirement gifts for women can be found here and here. Amongst women some popular gift ideas include the following:

  • Travel guide
  • Paint and easel set
  • Personalized mug or artwork
  • Candles
  • Tote bags
  • Jewelry
  • A book club subscription
  • A spa set

However, this does not mean that retirement gifts for men are not heavily searched as well, just that people generally have a good idea of what they think most men will appreciate. The most popular retirement gifts for men include:

  • Watches
  • Golf drivers
  • Whiskey
  • Wallets

These and many more retirement gift ideas for men can be found here

Search Number Four: Retirement Cake Ideas

What is retirement without a full-on party complete with a cake? That is another common search amongst seniors, and the internet is full of retirement cake ideas. For those retirees who may be on a limited budget or who want to keep things small and add their personal touches, cake toppers can be found at Wal-Mart and DIY cake designs can be found in a multitude of places.

For those, who are designing the cake and want to make it personal but are having a hard time thinking of the right wording to put on the cake a variety of ideas can be found here. Some of the most common cake phrases include things like:

  • “The Fun Begins!”
  • “On to a New Adventure”
  • “You’ve left prints on all our hearts”

However, the ideas don’t stop there. There are retirement cake phrases that are specific to a variety of careers including nursing, the air force, teachers, and many more. The great part about having so many options is that if you cannot find one phrase that works, you can always mix and match or let the existing ideas inspire your own to make a unique retirement cake. 

Search Number Five: Retirement Quotes

Along with the perfect retirement gift and the perfect retirement cake, another popular search is the perfect retirement quote. There are all sorts of retirement quotes that can be used depending on the personality of the person who is retiring. Some people prefer funny quotes, other people prefer inspirational quotes as they are getting ready to enter the next phase of their life. 

Retirement quotes are an important part of a retirement celebration because it shows the person in your life that you have thought long and hard about what is meaningful to them. There are a variety of sources that have many retirement quotes that you can use or that can inspire you to create your one-of-a-kind quote. 

Also, one of the great parts about retirement quotes is that they can be used for several things including 

  • Toasts at retirement parties. If you need something lighthearted and yet thoughtful to send someone off, there is no better way to finish off a speech in someone’s honor than a retirement quote. 
  • A perfectly written card. A great quote can inspire you to write a personal note which will mean a lot to the retiree. 
  • Retirement cakes. Sometimes you want to add that special touch to a retirement cake instead of the typical phrases you might see on a cake. 

Search Number Six: Retirement Communities in Florida

While assisted living facilities being a common search topic is not a surprising topic, it may be a bit surprising to know that while ‘best places to retire’ is a common search, within that topic Florida is a popular retirement destination for many people. Why is this? Several reasons, including the following:

  • Sunshine. Mild temperatures year around is much easier on the body. 
  • Tax breaks. There is no retirement tax. 
  • Beaches. There is no better place to enjoy the mild temperatures than on the beach. 
  • Active adult communities. Being able to connect with others is very important to the quality of life. 
  • International airports. Having several airports at convenient distances makes visiting children and grandchildren (or vice versa) a simple affair. 
  • Encourages an active lifestyle. With many parks and outdoor activities, it is hard to stay inside all day. 
  • Health care. Several state-of-the-art hospitals are nearby, which is important when you are aging.

Search Number Seven: Assisted Living 

By far the most common search for those in their senior years is assisted living. As people get older and their bodies start to wear down, or diseases make certain everyday activities difficult or downright impossible, they often need help and do not want to put the burden on their family. Assisted living facilities provide support for the following activities:

  • Bathing
  • Walking
  • Using the toilet
  • Dressing
  • Bed transfer
  • Eating

While assisted living is a popular option for those whose health is declining, seniors who are still in good health often choose to move to an assisted living community for the sense of community and friendships and increased quality of life. Assisted living communities include everything from apartment complexes to campuses to suit individual tastes and lifestyles.

Search Number Eight: 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

While retirement or retirement-related topics tend to be a big focus for seniors, there are many topics they are interested in-including other celebratory topics. A big one is what to get your spouse for your 40th wedding anniversary. Forty years of marriage is a huge milestone, and more and more people are reaching that milestone and it deserves to be celebrated and honored. 

For those who appreciate tradition, the ruby is considered a milestone for the fortieth-anniversary milestone gem. If you want to make it unique, it can be included in cufflinks, in a ring, or the deep ruby color can be incorporated in a specially made gift like a blanket. 

For those who want to buck tradition and come up with a completely original gift, take a look at some of the following ideas and more (which can be found here):

  • A custom anniversary book
  • A scarf
  • A watch box
  • A ballpoint pen

Search Number Nine: Gifts for New Grandparents

While having a new baby is a time of celebration for the parents, becoming a grandparent is a milestone that many seniors look forward to and which brings them much joy. Of course, a time of celebration also warrants a gift, which is why so many seniors also look up gift ideas for the other new grandparents in their life.

So, what are some of the most popular gift ideas for new grandparents? The common opinion is that sentimental is best. However, there are many ways to create a sentimental and personalized idea. For example, some of the following gifts combine new technology with old ideas to create great gifts such as:

  • A digital photo frame. This is a perfect gift for grandparents who want to see a variety of pictures of their new grandbaby. 
  • A “100 Things I Love About Grandma” journal. This can be used for many years and is a way for a grandmother to continue the bonding experience with their grandkid as they get older. 
  • A cookbook. There are simple cookbooks designed for time spent cooking and baking in the kitchen with grandma or grandpa.


Knowing what an audience is looking for is very important when it comes to serving that group of people. If you are in an industry where you are serving seniors, knowing the kinds of things they are looking for online can be immensely helpful in creating a welcoming environment. While online searches do vary from person to person, there tends to be a theme when it comes to any group of people.

For seniors, topics about retirement are some of the most searched. Some of the top searches, for example, include the best retirement gifts, what makes Florida a good place to retire, and how to plan for retirement. Other topics include what to get for a fortieth wedding anniversary gift or what kind of gift to give new grandparents to help them celebrate the new milestones in their lives.   


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