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Arlington, TX (January 21, 2022) Aveta Marketing announced today that they will be helping the Senior Housing industry increase occupancy rates through online digital marketing mastery. Starting in January 2022, CEO and Founder Mitch Alverson is focusing solely on the Senior Housing Industry.

“We see the Senior Housing space coming out of the pandemic and many Assisted Living Centers are struggling to get their occupancy rates back to pre-COVID levels. We see this especially in the privately owned and independent facilities. We want to help them by making sure their online marketing is top-notch,” said CEO and founder Mitch Alverson.

The Program

Aveta Marketing’s plans for Senior Living Centers will consist of six main categories and facilities will be able to choose between two slightly different packages of service. The categories include SEO (Search Engine Optimization, PPC (Pay Per Click), Content Generation, Reputation Management, Social Media Management, and Email Marketing Management. “These are the categories that will help our clients succeed. We’ve seen this work wonders for companies when we make sure the website is optimized for SEO and get them some quick wins with PPC,” said Account Manager William Santini.

Search Engine Optimization for Senior Living Centers

Assisted Living Centers are almost always a local search. This means your Google Business Profile must be optimized and your Name, Address, and Phone number citations across the internet must be consistent. When Google is deciding who they want to show their users, they look for E.A.T. which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. By having your information be correct and consistent across the internet you’re really helping your chances of being shown on page 1. You’ll also want to make sure your profile is completely filled out and include photos of the facility, and if you can, include a 360-degree video of each area of the home. “When we talk about SEO for Assisted Living Centers, we always focus on Local SEO as well as the on-page technical aspects for the website. We make sure those things are correct, but we really want to get local SEO correct,” said Mitch Alverson, Founder, and CEO of Aveta Marketing.

Pay Per Click or PPC for Assisted Living Centers

Pay per click should be one of the tools that are used to help a Senior Living Center get new business. Google Ads are really good for this. People go to Google when they are solution aware, and they know what they’re looking for. If at first, you’re not ranking on page one of Google, you should absolutely use PPC to get in front of the potential customers that are searching for your services.

Content Generation

One of the best ways to portray authority and credibility is to create content that your potential clients and current guests want to read. For the Senior Housing industry, you’ll want to write about the customer journey of searching for, preparing for, moving in, and living in an Assisted Living facility or Senior Living Center. To find great content ideas you just search for the terms we just mentioned. An example would be “searching for assisted living centers” once you get the results that Google returns, you can do your research and see what has already been written. Another way to do this is to think through the customer journey for yourself. What would you search for if you were looking for a facility that would suit you or your loved one? That is what you want to write about. Generally, Aveta Marketing helps clients by creating blog posts, social posts, and press releases.

Reputation Management

Because it’s so easy to search and find reviews about any business, you have to be sure you are taking care of your online reputation for your Senior Housing facility. You will want to be sure you’re tending to your Google Business Profile.

There are two ways main ways to manage your reputation on your Google Business Profile. First, you have to actually get reviews which means you should be asking for them from your guests and their families. It’s a given that your service needs to be really good so that people will actually want to give you great reviews. The second thing you’ve got to do is reply to the reviews that are given to you on your Google Business Profile. Each time someone leaves you a review you should (or whoever manages your GBP) receive a notification. Immediately, or sometime soon after you should go reply to that reviewer. Even if it’s a not-so-good review, you need to reply. Generally, you should say thank you for the great review and if the reviewer is not happy, you should apologize and ask them to reach out to you some other way so you can rectify the issue.

Pro Tip: Automate the request for the review with software. Aveta Marketing can help with automation.

Social Media Management

It’s not enough to have a great SEO, a solid Google Business Profile, and amazing content. You need to be seen where your potential guests are hanging out online. This means you should have a good presence on Facebook and Instagram. Many times people ask, “what should we write about”? Aveta Marketing recommends that you write about what your potential guests care about. Whatever you do, write to make your guests the hero and not your facility. If you have an amazing facility that is awesome, just don’t go bragging all over social media about how great you. You can talk about your greatness, but always with empathy for the guest. An example might look like this: “We know that you care about the safety of your loved ones. This is why we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our facility is clean. For 12 straight quarters, we’ve passed the state’s cleanliness inspection with flying colors. You can sleep well at night, knowing your loved one is safe.” See how that happened… make it about them.

Use Images of Happy Smiley People

When you’re posting on Facebook or Instagram be sure you’re using images of guests or people who look like your guests that are having a good time. We all know that one of the biggest fears and anxiety-inducing things for family members is the thought that their loved one might not be enjoying themselves. So, when you post online don’t just fly past the image. Put some thought into it and if you can use photos of your guests. Provided you have permission. A good idea here is to throw a part for your guests and hire a good local photographer to come take photos. You should get hundred of images you can use in the future for social media posting.

Email Management

What happens when a potential family fills out your contact us form? Where does that email go? What do you do with the email? Do you have an automated response that goes out? Are you immediately putting that guest into some type of nurture email series? If these questions are making you a bit nervous, they should. Email is one of the best ways you’ll be able to reach our potential guests for your Assisted Living Center. The demographic that is your customer is 100% using and checking their email. You have to be good at email marketing.

About Aveta Marketing

Senior Living Centers are struggling to fill their homes. When the best Sr. Living Centers can’t find guests… that means they aren’t thriving and our Seniors aren’t receiving the best care available to them. Aveta Marketing gives the microphone to the good guys. Through digital marketing, we help Sr. Living Centers increase their guest occupancy so that they can thrive and seniors get the best care. When Senior Living Centers thrive, Seniors get the best care.

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