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One of the most difficult decisions senior citizens and their loved ones have to make is selecting the right assisted living community. One of the hardest obstacles for these assisted living communities is showcasing their facilities and getting a chance to prove themselves to the seniors and their families. Combined, these two problems keep seniors from finding the right home. When some of the best Assisted Living facilities are struggling to get seen online it means that our Seniors aren’t finding the best place to spend those golden years. Seniors are looking for independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, and memory care facilities. This makes finding the right facility even more important.

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This is why Aveta Marketing and TORCH have decided to step in and make a difference. 

TORCH (Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes) is an organization that carries an extensive database of senior living options throughout Texas and seeks to connect seniors with those facilities. The organization seeks to be an advocate for quality senior care and an activist for residential assisted living. 

Dedicated to Quality Service

Both Aveta Marketing and TORCH place a high emphasis on ethical conduct and quality service. When it comes to scams and spam, the senior market is one of the most heavily targeted. TORCH believes it is critical to hold its providers to a high standard of conduct. 

“Assisted Living providers are dedicated to offering quality care to elders and those with disabilities in a safe environment. Professional relationships between providers and residents and their families must be governed by the highest ethical values.”


In their policy, they state that any violators of ethical conduct will be expelled from the organization.

In joining TORCH, Aveta is cementing its commitment to quality conduct and service. “We’ve been dedicated to helping other people and industries improve their marketing since 2017 and we’re excited about continuing that same dedication to quality in the assisted living market,” said Mitch Alverson. 

Growing Need, Growing Services

Currently, roughly a fifth of retirement-age Texans reside in assisted living centers. The total number of retirement-age citizens will grow exponentially over the next few decades, calling for a greater need for assisted living facilities to thrive. With the increased competition, those facilities with excellent service will need to ensure their digital marketing is operating at peak performance to house the growing market. 

“With the growing senior population, many facilities think that it will be easy to fill their beds. The reality is quite the contrary. There will be more and more rival centers opening as the population grows and those assisted living centers will face stronger competition than they ever have.” 

William Santini, Aveta Account Manager

TORCH has four chapters, covering North Texas, Lubbock, San Antonio, and Houston. Their goal is to assist seniors and their families in each of these major Texas cities. The organization is making efforts to equip the assisted living facilities in those locations with educational resources, training, and support to help them reach and serve their local seniors. By hosting monthly meetings, TORCH’s providers get the opportunity to network with each other and share ideas.

Since Aveta Marketing is a digital marketing company, their reach is as far as the internet will take them. This makes them an ideal choice for assisted living centers in any location. As the market grows, the North Texas-based company will be able to grow with it, providing their services to any assisted living center that wants to grow as well. In being a part of TORCH, Aveta is solidifying its mission to help reputable assisted living centers thrive.

Expertise and Exclusivity

Two things differentiate Aveta Marketing from other digital marketing companies: Expertise in the Senior Housing space and Exclusive marketing rights in an area.

Expertise in Assisted Living

Aveta only works in the assisted living center space. That means Aveta doesn’t take on clients in any other industry. By doing this, Aveta Marketing is excellent at helping facilities get seen online, acquire new clients, and maintain a stellar reputation. This also helps Aveta keep its marketing rates lower. Here is what CEO and founder Mitch Alverson had to say about this, “By not having to become experts in several different industries, the company can focus on Senior Living and keep the prices lower.”

Exclusive Area Rights

Aveta Marketing is only working with one facility in each large area. That means when they enter into a relationship with an assisted living facility in Dallas, for example, they will not work for any other facilities in the Dallas area. This way, Aveta is not competing in its marketing for clients with any other clients. This is especially appealing to independently owned facilities that can’t afford to compete against corporate chains on their own. Having a company like Aveta in their corner gives them the edge they need to promote their facilities in highly competitive environments.

Better Together

The team-up of Aveta Marketing and the Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes is a move that will benefit both assisted living centers and the seniors they serve. By vouching for one another, TORCH will make strides in helping seniors find a home, and Aveta Marketing will ensure that those facilities are digitally prepared to bring them in. In a day where there are countless options available for most industries, consumers turn to credibility with external parties for their decisions. Aveta Marketing has shown itself to be a reputable company. Even more so now that they have joined TORCH.

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