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Owners and managers of a residential assisted living facilities wear a lot of hats, particularly in a small facility. Time quickly becomes one of the most valuable assets to a Senior Living professional. TORCH knows this and because they do, they put on a Marketing clinic to help with assisted living facility marketing.

Helping Assisted Living Facility Operators in a Few Hours

The idea is simple. Bring in marketing pros that can give practical and valuable advice in a short amount of time. That’s just what TORCH did in Houston last week on Wednesday March 8, 2023

One of the keynote speakers was Mitch Alverson. The owner and operator of Aveta Marketing. Aveta specializes in marketing for Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Housting Companies.

Mitch talked about what he calls the big three. Those are the website, sales execution, and getting leads.

online success for your alf

Mitch talked about getting your Google Business Profile right and the importance of sales automation in helping to be sure you execute on leads that come in.

Aveta Marketing has a product called AvetaGo that helps Senior Living companies with sales automation. It’s built specifically for Assisted Living Facilities and it’s sole purpose is to help smaller facilities get all of their marketing into one place and execute on sales.

Learn more about AvetaGO at

Other speakers at the event were: John Darby, the CEO of TORCH, Brett Chotkevys, Syed Rizvi, and Brian Bootka.

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