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The fundamentals of senior housing marketing plan
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The Fundamentals of Senior Housing Marketing

In my latest book, ‘The Book on Digital Marketing for Assisted Living Facilities: How to Get More Tours, More Move-Ins, and More Success,’ I provide a plan for senior housing marketing. Before delving into Internet Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing, it is imperative to build a strong marketing foundation. These foundations are explored in…

senior housing marketing specialists
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Senior Housing Marketing is Important, That’s We’ve Joined LeadingAge

We are excited to announce that Aveta Marketing has joined LeadingAge Texas, the Texas-based organization dedicated to improving the lives of older adults. Through this partnership, Aveta will provide senior housing marketing expertise to assisted living communities across the country. We’re thrilled to be joining LeadingAge and working with their member communities. The goal is…

We literally wrote the Book on Senior Housing Marketing
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We literally wrote the Book on Senior Housing Marketing

I wrote a book! Not just any book… it’s “The Book” for how to market your Assisted Living Facility online. At first glance, considering all the marketing options available for your senior housing marketing playbook might be overwhelming. These include Search Engines (Organic, Maps, Pay-Per-Click), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), Paid Online Directory Listings (A…

Group of Senior friends Holding Hands
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Aveta joins TORCH to Help Seniors and Assisted Living Centers Thrive

One of the most difficult decisions senior citizens and their loved ones have to make is selecting the right assisted living community. One of the hardest obstacles for these assisted living communities is showcasing their facilities and getting a chance to prove themselves to the seniors and their families. Combined, these two problems keep seniors…

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10 Unique Ways to Reach Out to Senior Citizens

Reaching out to senior citizens isn’t all about increasing the size of the font and speaking in loud voices. They aren’t always helpless individuals who need their families to make their decisions for them. Additionally, not all of them are inept at technology. Senior citizens are people too, they are just a slightly different demographic. …