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Search Engine Optimization for Assissted Living Facility
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Search Engine Optimization for Assisted Living Facility (SEO)

Optimize your Assisted Living Facility website for the most important Keywords In my recent book, Search engine optimization for Assisted Living Facility, I lay out several key practices for getting more tours, move-ins, and success for your facility. One of the chapters talks at length about Search Engine Optimization, or, SEO. It’s vital to the…

TORCH Annual Conference
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TORCH Annual Conference

This month, Aveta Marketing Founder and CEO, Mitch Alverson, will be a featured speaker at the TORCH annual conference. The TORCH annual conference is where you’ll find all the latest information on how to provide great care for your residents. Whether it’s through education or networking, this event will give professionals like yourself an opportunity…

senior living marketing website
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Setting Up Your Senior Living Website For Success

How to set up your website This chapter is all about how to set up your website. We are going to cover a lot of details as they relate to SEO, Google Maps Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, etc… To review the fundamentals of Senior Living Marketing refer back to this article from our media room. However,…

The fundamentals of senior housing marketing plan
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The Fundamentals of Senior Housing Marketing

In my latest book, ‘The Book on Digital Marketing for Assisted Living Facilities: How to Get More Tours, More Move-Ins, and More Success,’ I provide a plan for senior housing marketing. Before delving into Internet Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing, it is imperative to build a strong marketing foundation. These foundations are explored in…

senior housing marketing specialists
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Senior Housing Marketing is Important, That’s We’ve Joined LeadingAge

We are excited to announce that Aveta Marketing has joined LeadingAge Texas, the Texas-based organization dedicated to improving the lives of older adults. Through this partnership, Aveta will provide senior housing marketing expertise to assisted living communities across the country. We’re thrilled to be joining LeadingAge and working with their member communities. The goal is…