Digital Marketing Services for Assisted Living Facilities.

Helping Senior Housing facilities stay full so our Seniors can get the best care and find the best place to call home.

Getting seen online is hard. The big guys seem to always rank higher than you, and that’s not right.

At Aveta, we only work with Senior Living Centers, and we only work with one location in each area. We understand what it takes to get you seen.

We only work with Assisted Living Facilities

We’re not your normal marketing agency. We only work with facilities in Senior Housing. That means we go deep into the industry and really understand what your customers are looking for when they search for an Assisted Living Facility or Memory Care solution.

Senior Housing Marketing – Only One Per Area. This means we won’t work for your competitor.

We understand what it takes to make your phone ring. And we believe there is plenty of business out there, so we only work with one Senior Living Center in each area.

Aveta Marketing: Helping Assisted Living Facilities Thrive Through Digital Marketing

We understand you’re the champion for Seniors. In order to do that well, you need a consistent flow of new guests. The problem is it’s becoming harder and harder to get found online. This leaves you feeling stuck and overwhelmed. We believe Seniors should be getting the best care available and because of that, you deserve to be getting more new applicants every day.

That’s why we started our agency. We’ve been helping other people and industries improve their marketing since 2017. So, go ahead and schedule your strategy session and in the meantime download our Free Guide to Marketing Your Senior Living Home.

Digital Marketing Services for Assisted Living Centers

Senior Housing, Memory-Care, and Assisted Living Centers need state-of-the-art marketing services.

Getting Your Senior Living Center to Rank #1 on Google Starts Here

Follow this plan to get your Assisted Living Center marketing on track

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Strategy Session

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Pick Your Package

Step Three

Get More Customers

Start 2022 off right by getting your digital marketing right.

Everything you need to confidently market your Senior living facility and grow your sales.