We’re back with another insightful weekly update designed to help you streamline your processes and enhance efficiency within AvetaGO. This week, we’re focusing on a powerful feature that can transform the way you manage leads, sales, and even applicants – the Pipeline Feature.

Customizable Pipelines for Every Need

AvetaGO isn’t just about managing your current tasks; it’s about anticipating your future needs. Whether you’re handling sales leads or managing applicants, our customizable pipeline feature is designed to adapt to your unique processes. By default, you might find yourself in a sales or lead pipeline, but the versatility of AvetaGO allows for much more.

Applicant Tracking Made Easy

For those of you in recruitment or needing to track applicants, AvetaGO can function as an effective applicant tracking system. Easily set up stages for applicants, from “Applied” to “Not Qualified,” and manage your candidates with just a few clicks. This feature ensures you’re not only keeping up with your applicants but also organizing them based on their current stage in the hiring process.

Seamless Sales and Opportunity Tracking

Originally intended for sales, the pipeline feature allows you to monitor where potential clients stand in their journey with your business. From initial contact to the final sale, you can drag and drop contacts through each stage of the pipeline, providing a clear view of your sales funnel and opportunities at a glance.

Maximize Your AvetaGO Investment

Remember, the opportunities object within AvetaGO is there for you to leverage. You’re already investing in AvetaGO – why not utilize all its features to keep track of your sales or manage applicants more effectively?

We’re Here to Help

As always, we’re committed to your success and are here to support you in making the most out of AvetaGO. If you have any questions about setting up or using the pipeline feature, or if you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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