We’re thrilled to bring you another weekly update packed with enhancements that are all about making AvetaGO even more powerful and user-friendly. This week, we’re excited to introduce a series of new filters that will revolutionize the way you segment and manage your contacts.

Introducing Advanced Filtering Options

With our latest update, AvetaGO now supports additional filters in the filters section, providing you with even more control over how you organize and access your data. Here’s a quick rundown of the new filters you can start using today:

Last Updated By Filter: Keep track of who last modified a contact.

Inbound/Regular DND Settings: Filter contacts based on Do Not Disturb preferences.

Website Filter: Easily sort contacts by the associated website.

Social Media IDs: Segment contacts with their Instagram and Facebook IDs.

Country & Time Zone Filters: Manage communications more efficiently by region.

Google ID, Additional Email, and Last Activity Type: These additional layers of filtering ensure that no detail is too small to be captured and utilized.

Creating Efficient Contact Lists

With these new filters, you can create highly customized lists that meet your specific needs. Whether you’re targeting communications based on geographic location or managing outreach through social media platforms, these tools are designed to make your workflow more efficient and effective.

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