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As we approach the second half of 2023, many Assisted Living Facility owners and operators have a lengthy to-do list but often struggle to accomplish their goals. At Aveta Marketing, we understand the unique marketing challenges in the senior care industry. To help Assisted Living Facilities thrive and succeed, we are excited to announce our upcoming webinar series designed specifically for owners and operators in this field. Our weekly webinars, starting on July 26 and running until September 6, will provide valuable insights and strategies to propel your facility toward success. Let’s dive into what each webinar will cover and how it can assist you in achieving your 2023 goals.

Webinar One: Setting Up Your Website for Success – July 26

Your website is the face of your Assisted Living Facility in the digital world. In the first webinar, we will explore the essential elements needed to craft a compelling website that resonates with potential residents and their families. From user-friendly design to engaging content, we’ll share tips to make your website an effective marketing tool that drives inquiries and boosts occupancy.

Webinar Two: Local SEO, Everything You Need To Know to Rank Your Assisted Living Facility on Google Maps – August 2

In a competitive market, being visible to local prospects is crucial. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can significantly impact your facility’s online presence. During this webinar, we will demystify the world of local SEO and provide actionable steps to improve your rankings on Google Maps. Increase your facility’s discoverability and reach the right audience at the right time.

Webinar Three: How To Use AI to Boost Your Marketing and Save You Time – August 16

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the marketing landscape, and your Assisted Living Facility can benefit greatly from its implementation. We’ll introduce you to the power of AI-driven marketing tools that can streamline your processes, improve lead generation, and enhance resident experiences. Embrace the future of marketing and gain a competitive edge in the senior care industry.

Webinar Four: Email Marketing for Assisted Living Facilities – August 30

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to nurture leads and engage with your audience. In this webinar, we’ll delve into the best practices for creating impactful email campaigns tailored to prospective residents’ and their families’ needs and preferences. Learn how to develop compelling content, optimize open rates, and nurture relationships to drive conversions and occupancy rates.

Webinar Five: How You Can Automate Sales… 3 beds to 200 beds – September 6

Scaling your Assisted Living Facility requires a strategic approach to sales and marketing. Our final webinar I’ll reveal proven strategies for automating the sales process, from initial inquiry to move-in day. Discover how to efficiently handle leads, personalize interactions, and nurture prospects through the sales funnel. Whether you have three beds or aim to expand to 200, automation will be your key to sustainable growth.


At Aveta Marketing, we are committed to supporting Assisted Living Facility owners and operators in achieving their goals for 2023 and beyond. Our upcoming webinar series promises to equip you with the knowledge and tools to excel in the digital marketing landscape. From optimizing your website and local search presence to harnessing the power of AI and automation, each webinar is designed to boost your facility’s success in the second half of the year.

Join us for these interactive sessions, and together, we will take your Assisted Living Facility to new heights. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain invaluable insights that will set your facility up for unparalleled success. Register now and let’s crush the second half of 2023 together!

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